Saturday, December 8, 2012

My apologies and an Update....

Sorry folks, but I have not been feeling like making too many graphics. I work for a company called G&D Integrated. As one of their forklift drivers, I am contracted out to Caterpillar and work in one of their facilities. I watched at least 10 people get walked out last night due to one of Cat's "downsizing" events. I know there were more, but that is all I saw. There are more lay-offs in the future too. Caterpillar is also downsizing the G&D people too. We were told that we will be moved, or laid off in the next few weeks. Over 200 more G&D employees to be laid-off! Yes, there is a call back--in 4-5 months. However, that does not do us good now. My job has been eliminated on my shift. So my days are numbered there.

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