Monday, March 12, 2012

My Terms of Use

I made these images, so therefore, the copyright belongs to ME.

1.The PROPER copyright is © Lori McDivitt

Please include my URL on your finished creations.

2. Please leave the file names in tact.

3. Do not share the images with anyone, do not add them to any site for download.
If anyone wants my images for their use, please direct them to my site Lori's PSP Graphics at

4. Your creations are yours, and I ask that you do not sell them. If anyone is to make a profit
from them it should be me, for I am the one who created them.

5.You may offer YOUR creations as FREE downloads or give them away,
but do not offer my images by themselves, without my permission. They must be used for personal use ONLY.

6. Do not use my images with any other artists images, unless the images are from kits etc..
You get my drift,  eh?

Tutorial writers- You may use my graphics in your tutorials. 
Please credit me in your tutorial.  See #3 for additional Terms. 
I would appreciate you showing me what you create with them.

If you or anyone else has any questions, my email is

Please abide my TOU. I reserve the right to change my TOU at anytime.

Lastly, and most important:

Have Fun!!

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